Maximize your agents’ work and help users even when you’re not connected

Our bot works using a combination of conversational response flow and Artificial Intelligence to facilitate natural conversations capable of guiding the customer to the solution they need. The configuration is easy; all you have to do is create the modules and connect them to each other. It’s completely customizable.

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Immediate attention 24/7

Improve your service and don’t keep your customers waiting: our bot responds in a second and is capable of answering 60% of any business’s questions. Presenting the customer with various options, it guides them to the solution they need. The conversations are completely customizable: just go to the control panel and adjust the questions to connect them with the answer flow you want. You can fully tailor the chatbot and add the Artificial Intelligence option so it also answers when users write you through the chat. The AI module understands plain language and can correctly interpret each question without asking them to repeat it.

Product suggestion

Make a sale when your agents are offline. Thanks to our system’s integration with your catalog, the bot will be able to suggest products and display them in the coviewer through a category and characteristics filter chosen by the user. The bot can display various options compatible with the user’s interests who can buy them directly through the chat.

Additionally, if the customer finds the product they’re looking for thanks to the bot but needs personalized advice or answers to specific questions about the item, the chatbot will transfer the conversation to an agent.

Process automation

By automating many tasks, not only can you attend to a customer when there are no agents connected, but the customer service staff will be able to better maximize their work: they can focus on personalizing the shopping experience for each user and have more time to talk to truly prospective customers. They can suggest products visually and proactively, therefore, closing more sales. Our chatbot can also automatically assign conversations to different agents or to the department that corresponds to the customer’s questions. In addition, its most interesting feature is tracking the order’s status in real time: it helps each user locate their package and alleviates agents from answering such frequent questions.

Lead generator

Through the bot, not only will you be able to attend to customers, you’ll also be able to automatically collect their contact information to expand the leads in your database and convert more visitors into future customers.

Our chatbot can ask users for their names and e-mails so you can record all the information without sending them a contact form. By engaging in conversation and requesting information little by little, customers are more likely to leave you their personal details.

All of this information is of great value to your business, use it for marketing strategies or Lead Nurturing and speed up your sales process.

Chat integration

Oct8ne’s chatbot is fully integrated with our livechat system so when the bot detects that the customer needs personalized help, it can transfer the conversation to an agent.

The ability to assign a chat to someone at key points in the purchasing process has a direct impact on your website’s conversion. If the bot can’t answer the question, your agents will be there to do so.

Integrating Oct8ne is very easy


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