Manage all your Whatsapp and Facebook conversations from the same platform

Combine chat service with instant messaging applications to attend to all your customers.

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WhatsApp + Messenger

Our Messaging service allows you to attend to users that contact your company from external apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

All your customers are different and communicate through different channels. Combining customer service via chat with the most used messaging applications not only allows you to solve the doubts of all your users, but also makes communication with your business more accessible.

Centralized work

Managing different channels from the same platform allows you to centralize your agent’s work, meaning they can switch channels with just one click and attend to several clients at the same time from the same control panel.

Serving several clients at the same time from the same control panel allows you to optimize the work of your agents and have greater control of the service that each user receives.


The messaging service lets agents work simultaneously to streamline work, and conversations can be assigned to each agent to handle a case personally. In addition, you will also have the option to monitor conversations, just like in Oct8ne´s chat.

Different numbers

From the control panel, you will be able to answer queries from various WhatsApp phone numbers and different Messenger accounts. You can decide either to assign your agents to a specific number or account or to all channels.


On the Oct8ne statistics panel, you can see a centralized view of all statistics. In the Messaging section, graphs of the number of messages received, and sent, as well as specific users will be displayed. Furthermore, you will also see each agent’s response percentages individually.

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