Create a unique shopping experience with Oct8ne’s exclusive customer service technology

Oct8ne is a very complete service that offers both channels: livechat and chatbot to help you communicate with your customers.

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Create a seamless shopping experience with our exclusive visual customer service technology. You can show images and videos of the products in your catalog in real-time to give personalized advice and increase sales by applying up-selling and cross-selling techniques while speaking with your customers.

Furthermore, users will be able to upload their own images to the coviewer to show you exactly what they’re looking for, like a similar item or a broken part. You won’t have to worry about privacy: the only thing the agent will be able to see is the shared space in the coviewer, not the customer’s entire screen.

Customer knowledge

You won’t start the conversation blindly. Oct8ne stores the most relevant information from your customers’ browsing history to show you which products they’ve visited, those they added to their cart or those on their list of favorites. Therefore, you’ll always know what each user needs before even talking to them.

You’ll also be able to see what page they’re on at all times and access your conversation history with them to build a stronger relationship through advice tailored to their purchasing patterns and personal preferences.

Predictive algorithms

Oct8ne segments your traffic and automatically detects potential clients. Through customized triggers, the chat is triggered with a predetermined message that will be tailored to each user’s situation.

Thanks to these business rules, you’ll be able to offer help right when it’s needed: when a customer has been on your website for a long time, when they’ve compared several products or when the cart value reaches a certain price. It won’t be necessary for your agents to monitor each visitor’s activity, Oct8ne keeps track of their browsing to offer advice and will notify you when they reply.

Data analysis

Tap into your own sales savvy. We display real-time charts and relevant information to help you increase your conversion, like tracking purchases, missed sessions, completed sessions, or the number of products viewed in each conversation. In addition, you can have greater control by integrating Oct8ne with external Analytics platforms, like Google, Webtrekk and Omniture, where you can also monitor each interaction that your users have with the chat: how many times they open it, how many receive the contact form or how many clicks are made from the coviewer in the checkout, and much more. Track your agents’ performance and study which strategy works best and how product suggestions influence sales.


Optimize your customer service to provide immediate assistance 24/7 with automatic responses through decision trees and Artificial Intelligence. Our chatbot makes your agents’ job easier: it can answer in a second, understands plain language in several languages and, when customers need personalized advice, it transfers the question. The bot will also enable you to continue increasing sales thanks to real-time assistance when your agents aren’t connected, and will also collect data from potential buyers.

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