Commercial digitalization: how to encourage online purchases of our products, migrating 100% to eCommerce?

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Commercial digitalization: how to encourage online purchases of our products, migrating 100% to eCommerce?

Commercial digitization is the part of digital transformation that deals with conversion. We talk about how to embrace it and encourage online purchases of our products, migrating 100% to eCommerce.

We are not going to be too theoretical, nor are we going to “sell” you the advantages of e-commerce. If you are reading this article, there are chances that you are already aware of the need to take another leap in the transformation of your business.

Tips for commercial digitization

Therefore, we are going to focus on giving you some tips that you can apply directly in your own company. Some have more technical implications and others are more strategic, but we want this post to be as realistic as possible and offer you real solutions.

Are you ready? Let’s start with these 4 business digitization tips, to migrate your business to eCommerce.

#1 Digitize customer service

Think that the most important thing is to attract the offline shopper, to make them feel that they are taken care of in the same way. The human touch is essential and, at the same time, it is the most common shortcoming of eCommerce.

When we talk about customer service, we do not refer exclusively to after-sales service, thanks to technology in fact, our agents can act as real salespeople. 

Oct8ne is a good example of how an advanced tool assists the sale, making the purchase process not 100% autonomous. We guide the customer from the early stages of the conversion funnel, helping them to discover, advising, clearing their doubts with the coviewer… And all in real-time.

#2 Digitize your retail

Commercial digitization does not imply forgetting a channel that already exists, and that is generating business for us. Even if our idea is to make a progressive migration to eCommerce, it would be a strategic mistake to be too abrupt.

How can we digitize a physical store? Well, there are actually quite a few possibilities:

  • Favor synergy with online shopping through your store. This is an interesting model in which the customer is advised in the store, and receives his purchases at home.
  • Establish discounts to be redeemed online on purchases made offline. A simple discount coupon will encourage your customers to buy in eCommerce. Besides, they already trust you, so the transition is easier.
  • Do not hesitate to use the “showroom” effect, encourage people to visit the store to interact with the products, and buy from home.
  • Collect leads: something as simple as collecting emails for your newsletter among your offline clientele will help you break that digital barrier.

#3 Use tools that unify databases

In general, one of the best pieces of advice that can be given to anyone pursuing commercial digitization is to stop understanding channels as separate businesses (and to invest in tools to make information unify and flow).

A good CRM will help you keep under control the needs of your customers and your business, but if you add an ERP to manage warehouses, orders, marketing campaigns… from a single platform, you will get a real-time view of the business, from which both the online and physical store will benefit.

Let’s not forget that an important part of the digital transformation is in the digitization of processes and procedures. This is transparent to the customer, but it boosts productivity and efficiency by a huge percentage.

#4 Loyalty

All the efforts you are making to migrate your business to eCommerce, involve an effort and investment of company resources. Therefore, it is important that we are able to achieve, not an online sale, but a sustained and recurring business-customer relationship over time.

There are many ways to build user loyalty. Some are passive and others, on the contrary, are part of a more proactive strategy.

Among the passive ones, for example, we would mention having a good user experience, an efficient and close after-sales service or a returns policy flexible enough to be perceived as an added value or competitive differential advantage.

As proactive loyalty measures, we enter into a strategic issue. For example, by establishing a program through which they are offered a balance for their next purchases in eCommerce, special discounts, promotions or advantages in third party sites with which there is an agreement. 

We will always defend this model, especially when it is based on “store money”, which is the best way to guarantee that the user will buy again. That outstanding balance, in the end, is an incomplete task and will decisively help to prevent them from going to the competition and paying more for the same thing.

As you can see, these are 4 tips for the commercial digitization of your business, which can be applied in a relatively simple way. They require some tools, but, above all, a change of mentality that you have already had.

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