Social Media: Where and how to promote products of our Online Store

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Social Media: Where and how to promote products of our Online Store

This is one of the questions that anyone who sells through digital channels asks themselves. There are many social media platforms, but… where and how do we promote products of our online store?

You may have a clear idea about social media and its importance in our lives, but I still recommend that you read this article until the end. Partly because it is an ever-changing ecosystem, but also because we will give you some tips that you may not know about the networks you use daily (both personally and professionally).

Why use social media to promote our products?

For us, the key lies in the context and objective. Keep in mind that we are not talking about pure acquisition; we are in the upper stages of the funnel, so we seek to tackle discovery and consideration as previous steps to conversion.

In search for awareness, social platforms provide a relaxed context, perfect for user-generated content, influencer marketing, and they also allow us to carry out quite precise interest-based segmentation (if we decide to invest in their payment platforms).

Not to mention that it is one of the massive uses that internet users make, so if you want something to be known, it is best to be where people are.

Let’s take a look at some important concepts and case by case scenarios.

Showcasing your products on Facebook

We all agree that it is not in its prime anymore, but despite this, it still has the highest number of active users monthly. If we are looking for critical mass, almost 3 billion people seem relevant, right?

Furthermore, you should consider the audience of each platform. Maybe if you’re selling gamer chairs and ring lights for recording videos, you should go to other platforms, but if your target audience is in an older age range, be sure that Facebook is still a good option to promote your products.

Additionally, users on this platform have a greater purchasing decision-making power and typically a higher purchasing power as well.

I recommend that you use Facebook Shopping, which allows you to upload your catalog to the platform. This not only allows you to advertise but also includes an interesting option of tagging products in the photos you upload. This turns each image into a showcase (this also works on Instagram, as they use the same data source).

Showcasing your products on Youtube

Continuing based on the user volume, let’s move to Google’s video platform. Some may not consider it a traditional social network, but objectively it shares all the characteristics (content, interaction, sharing, public profiles…)

From famous unboxings, where users create content based on the process of unpacking a product, to more modern hauls, which are basically the same but instead of a single product, it’s an unboxing of a more massive purchase.

To promote a product on YouTube, popular Shorts should be included in your strategy. These short, quickly-consumed videos have become one of the preferred alternatives for both users and brands.

Showcasing your products on Instagram

I am deliberately skipping WhatsApp because I do not consider it a social network. It can be a customer service channel and is used for sharing content, but being so private, it does not fall into the category.

However, Instagram still maintains a certain strength, the activity is higher than Facebook in terms of engagement, and the audience is very interesting. These are millennials who once fled from Meta’s main platform.

What you should know is that if you want to showcase your products, in addition to turning to influencers (a strategy that still works), you should consider a format. The format in capital letters: “reels.”

If you want to have a certain reach and for the content to reach a wider audience, forget about static content and square videos, even stories. Right now, the audience massively consumes vertical reels. Make sure you are producing them.

Showcasing your products on Tik Tok

And we come to the real reason for disruption. TikTok has transformed social networks in a way that was difficult to predict just a couple of years ago.

It is the real reason why short vertical videos have become popular. It has even changed the figure of the influencer to that of the “content creator“, and this changes the way recommendations are made radically.

Is it a good platform to showcase your products? Obviously yes, but it also sells. In case you doubt it, I recommend that you take a look at the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt or directly search for “TikTok made me buy it“… you will find thousands of product videos (and I mean literally).

Showcasing your products on other networks

Do not forget about other networks that, although more minor, also contribute to increasing your reach. For example:

  • Twitch: ideal for showcasing products through live streaming, you can even manage orders via chat. The fashion brand Laagam does this very well on this platform.
  • Pinterest: typically inspirational and somewhat niche, but its users (mostly women) are tremendously loyal and regularly search for new products.
  • Reddit: it is more of a forum or content aggregator, but it is much more active than many people think. Definitely an option to explore.
  • Twitter: honestly, I don’t think I would recommend it as much for this purpose. It has reach, but can easily generate controversies.

What are your favorite social networks for showcasing products? Let us know!

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