Attend your customers 24/7 with the only chatbot with visual support

No-code conversational chatbot, easy to configure, thanks to its drag & drop module system with multiple questions and answers, to guide customers toward the solution they need, through a visual and innovative experience.

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The only chatbot with visual support

Generate leads and answer in a second to frequently asked questions and order status info.

✔ Guide the customer to the solution they need, displaying and recommending products and services through the coviewer.

Easy and intuitive configuration with drag&drop module system,

✔ It is 100% customizable and integrable with payment platforms, logistics etc.

One-click integration with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.

Display and recommend products and services

Integration with your catalog, to allow the chatbot to suggest products and services based on the features selected by the user and display them in the coviewer

Automatic transfer to an agent if the customer requires it

Implementation in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram

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Integrate ChatGPT and expand your chatbot automation possibilities

Integrate ChatGPT and expand your bot automation possibilities

We evolve according with the latest trends: the integration with ChatGPT to offer our clients the power of our technology together with the one of open AI.
With this integration, you will now have more possibilities to automate conversations with your potential customers.
Explore the world of artificial intelligence with Oct8ne!

One-click integration with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger e Instagram

With the integration into the main messaging channels, you will maintain visual customer service across all your conversational channels, managing everything from a single dashboard.

Messaging Chatbot Oct8ne

Integrating Oct8ne is very easy

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