Frequently asked questions

Agents are the people who will use Oct8ne as part of your customer service department. Each agent will have a profile with their own email to access the control panel.

The number of licenses you contract corresponds to the number of agents that are available at the same time in your control panel. You will be able to register all the agents you need, but only as many agents as licenses you have contracted will be able to connect simultaneously. For example, if you buy three licenses, three agents may be connected at the same time, even if you have registered 10 different users.

Yes. As your business grows you can add more agents from your control panel. You can also edit or delete agents at any time.

Yes. From your control panel, you can add or remove licenses without having to contact us. The price is recalculated at the moment you add or remove licenses.

You can do it on a monthly or yearly basis. If you choose an annual plan, you will enjoy a cheaper price. There is no permanence and you can manage your billing information from the control panel.

Payment can be made by credit card, Paypal, Direct Debit, or Bank Transfer.

No. During the 14 days Free Trial we will not ask for your bank details. Once the trial period ends, you will automatically switch to the Free version until you update the account with your credit card details.

No. Oct8ne requires no installations or downloads of any kind. It works entirely in the cloud (Cloud-based System) and to access the control panel you will only have to open the browser. As the chat is installed on your website, customers will see it as part of it.

No. Oct8ne respects privacy. Our tool works strictly to view images or videos in a synchronized way only within a shared space: the coviewer. Neither party will be able to see the other’s screen while using the chat and coviewer. If you need it, you can activate the screen sharing option or video call, but you must activate this option first and accept it by both parties. Oct8ne will notify you if you agree to share your screen or take a video call.

Of course not! You can use Oct8ne whenever you want, but you can also set customer service hours. When there is no agent connected, customers can leave you a message in the contact form or you can activate our chatbot to reply through conversation flows and Artificial Intelligence.

No. Oct8ne loads quickly on your page after your website has fully loaded. Additionally, all interactions that occur on Oct8ne are stored and managed on our servers, not yours.

Yes. You can install Oct8ne on any web page. You just need to paste our script code on your page or use our API and you can start working. In addition, our technical service will be at your disposal to help you with everything you need. You can check all the plugins we have to install them on different platforms.

Yes. With each installation, different functionalities are obtained. If you install Oct8ne through our plugin or integrate it through the API, you will be able to access the store’s catalog in real-time and consult products, and add items to the customer’s cart from the chat.

Yes, Oct8ne is fully customizable and has been optimized for both mobile and tablet. In addition, agents who attend from the phone or any other portable device, can do so using our app.

Yes. Our product allows you to upload your logo and select a color combination in addition to choosing access points and communication channels such as email, phone or chat. Easily create links with CSS styles that activate the Oct8ne coviewer from anywhere on your site.

Yes; but it will be necessary to contact us. If you have a URL where you have the file with the products of the different updated domains, Oct8ne will be able to download it every X days and keep the catalogs updated.