Increase your sales by showcasing products

Implement Oct8ne in your online store to offer visual and personalized attention replicating the same experience of a physical store. Display products from your catalog and increase your e-commerce conversion rates by up to 30%.

Without credit cards

Live chat & chatbot for ecommerce demonstration

Their customer service is visual:

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Configure your visual assistance

Save time with a chatbot that answers 99% of your frequently asked questions, refers the most complex queries to human agents and transforms customer queries into sales.

Sample products

The coviewer allows you to display items from your catalog with human agents or the bot.

Integrate Oct8ne in less than five minutes and start selling more and better!

Generate sales

If the customers feel satisfied with the help, they can buy your products via chat!

The Add to Cart and Checkout buttons facilitate the checkout process, offering a simple and convenient shopping experience.

Generate leads 24/7

Customers are looking for you at any time. Generate leads at all times and offer 24/7 visual attention through the chatbot.

Point and shoot!

With Oct8ne you can efficiently guide your website users and offer help at key moments in the buying process. Triggers can be automated on strategic pages (home, check out, product page) to avoid doubts that lead the user to abandon the page or cart.

Triggers and instant support provide your Ecommerce:

  • Decrease in abandoned carts
  • Increased user return
  • Increased conversion rate
E-commerce conversion
Oct8ne Dashboard

Integrate different instant messaging channels

Easily connect WhatsApp Business API, Instagram and Facebook Messenger to start selling on these channels and attend your customer’s requests for help from a single dashboard.

Whatsapp Business API

Centralize WhatsApp help requests in Oct8ne’s dashboard, either by answering with human agents or by configuring a bot to automatically answer user queries.

Instagram & Facebook Messenger

Automate responses to your followers with the Oct8ne bot. Respond to any interaction with a personalized message and add product recommendations to keep your followers engaged with your brand.

Get inspired!

See how our clients implemented visual attention, improving their statistics and conversion rates thanks to visual selling and customer service automation.

Robot inspired

Integrating Oct8ne is very easy

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