Digitizes citizen service procedures

It offers the best assistance service. Citizens have become digitized and they are looking to connect with public administrations online more than ever.

Without credit cards

Oct8ne Conversational Chatbot

Their customer service is visual:

Solve help requests in a matter of seconds

Saves waiting time for citizens and officials by guiding them through a chatbot that allows them to find the necessary information easily.

Digital public administration

It transforms the website of City Councils, Provincial Councils, General Administrations or Treasury into a strongly digitalized institution. Citizens will appreciate the instant attention.

24/7 Chatbot

Respond 24/7 to any support request, resolving doubts and frequently asked questions from your administration in the fastest and most efficient way possible.


It shares video tutorials to educate citizens and facilitate the management of their procedures.

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Government Coviewer

Add chat on specific pages

Oct8ne’s chat can be displayed on any page of your website. Make sure the chat is available in those sections where citizens require more attention.
Trigger relevant information in any process or procedure to make users’ experience much easier.

  • Automatically displays tutorials and explanations at any time.
  • Add a video call if necessary.
  • Display products that can be purchased on your website, such as tickets for public transportation, museums or concerts.

Integrating Oct8ne is very easy

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