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Visual customer service allows you to increase the conversion of your website, take a look at the experience of these businesses.

Evo Banco

Evo Banco

Evo Banco is the digital bank of Bankinter, that aims to reinvent finance for a better future. Evo represents a new way of banking, one that is intelligent, simple, transparent, and innovative. It offers its customers all the ease, agility, and convenience of online banking along with the closeness and professionalism of a network of physical offices.

Evo Banco’s decision to implement Oct8ne on its website was driven by the goal of not having a human agent connected all the time. Instead, they wanted a chatbot/assistant available 24/7 to provide immediate, autonomous, and intelligent responses. This approach aimed to reduce the workload on phone agents and let technology handle product-related questions and the account opening process.

Decántalo Caso di successo


Decántalo is an e-commerce specialized in Spanish and international wines and, through their online store, have created a space for the entire wine industry: wineries, sommeliers and consumers.

Always attentive to new trends, Decántalo has sought since its first days, to offer a unique and personalized customer service through Oct8ne’s live chat.

In a second step, to offer the same attention during after-hours, they complemented the customer support service with a 24/7 active chatbot and, following the latest technologies, they have implemented the integration with GPT chat that Oct8ne has launched at the beginning of 2023.

juanita jo ss

Juanita Jo

Juanita Jo was born as a brand of handbags with a wide variety of models and colors. Over the years, it expanded its range of products and became an icon, positioning itself in Argentina and setting trends in the Latin American market.

Currently, they have 14 own stores, and multi-brand stores where their products are sold, but there is another rapidly growing sales channel: the online.

In their e-commerce, it is possible to find the same models as in their physical stores, in addition to the “Opportunities” section with discounted items from previous seasons. Another added value of their online store is the customer service they offer, which is similar to the one of a physical store.

tamano blogpost oct8ne min

Farmacia 1

Farmacia 1 was founded in 2014, a pioneer project for those years when shopping in the pharmaceutical sector was mainly done offline.

This shop, which also counts with six physical stores, has always stood out in the industry for the quality of service offered to its customers, which they have always focused on, both in the physical store and in the online shop.

Farmacia 1 has always had different clientele between online and offline, until this year when instead they decided to actively offer those who go to the pharmacy to make their purchases online and those who make their purchases online to be able to pick up the products purchased, in one of the pharmacies.

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Boboli, a leading company in the fashion sector for kids, is present in more than 60 countries and generates an annual turnover of 45 million euros, of which 10% comes from the digital channel. Attending its customers with Oct8ne´s visual chat, the company has reached a 20% conversion rate.

They currently sell online in 7 European countries and have launched a new website with the expectation that they will soon be able to start selling worldwide.

The company has been in the sector for more than 40 years, taking care of both the product they offer and the environment, which is why their facilities have renewable energies, and they also expect to achieve 50% of their garments with sustainable materials.

tamano blogpost oct8ne


Today we talk about Freshly Cosmetics, an online store of natural cosmetics products, born in 2016 from the project of two chemical engineers with a great passion for entrepreneurship who wanted to launch their brand keeping three fundamental requirements: natural products, healthy and respectful towards the environment.

miro 2


This specialized e-commerce has a large catalog of products since, in addition to large and small household appliances, it has expanded its market niche to other sectors such as technology, computers, photography and telephony.



Totto is a bag brand founded in Colombia during the 1980s. In 1992 arrived in Costa Rica and from that moment on, it began its expansion, reaching 55 countries around the world.

caso de exito drim


Born in Barcelona in 1972, Drim is a retail chain specializing in toys, child-rearing, hobbies, and robotics. It has more than 90 physical stores throughout Catalonia and an online store in Spain, Portugal, and France.

caso de exito tessiland


Tessiland, is a leading e-commerce in Italy in the weaving sector, founded in 2015, but with a much more solid history behind it; in fact, his family, now in its third generation of knitters, has been working in this sector since 1968.

casi de exito castaner


Castañer was born in 1927, when Luis Castañer and Tomas Serra opened the first workshop in Bañolas town.
In 1994, Castañer opened its first single-brand store in Barcelona, followed by Paris, Saint Tropez, Madrid and Tokio. 

pompeii thumbnail2 1


Pompeii was born from an original idea by four university friends who put their all into creating a company that would allow them to build a future as entrepreneurs. They started their business with the concept of traveling shops.



Patprimo has been in the fashion industry for more than 60 years. The store was launched in Barranquilla (Colombia) in 1957 when the founder, José Douer, started the business with a sewing machine



Miroytengo is a specialized home furniture store with a large stock of low-priced merchandise with good value for money. Proud of its Trustpilot review score , the company has clear objectives: to provide personalized customer service on very affordable products with lightning-fast shipping in one to three days.

iati seguros viajeros 1

IATI Seguros

IATI is an insurance brokerage that was born in 1885. When the company began its digital transformation process, it was clear that it did not want to lose the essence of its traditional business: “We are a company with a soul.” For this reason, it differentiates itself from the competition by continuously investing in its personnel and in new technologies.

textura 1


Textura is a great benchmark in home decoration. Since 1979, every home lover has brought the harmony of this brand to their home. Its products, which opt for simplicity, make up a vast catalog, meaning advice is something very personal for the brand: «Behind every recommendation there is a team of people who know our catalog».

decantalo oct8ne 3


The specialized e-commerce Miró has a large catalog of products since, in addition to large and small electrical appliances, it expands its market niche to other sectors such as technology, computing, photography or telephony.

farmacia fiducia

Farmacia di Fiducia

This Italian pharmacy has become our first international success story. Farmacia di Fiducia was born in 1938 and, since then, it has always focused on providing excellent customer service to differentiate itself in the market.

luxenter oct8ne


Luxenter is a company that has been in the jewelry sector for more than 40 years and, since 2012, it has also made its way into the online world to sell its collections and creative designs with which it is constantly looking for trends. By using our livechat, they have improved the buying momentum by showing their products to customers. This has allowed them to increase their conversion to 18%.

autovivo oct8ne


From the workshop, to the dealer and online sales. Grup T automoció has been working in the motor sector for more than 55 years, repairing and selling new and used vehicles. Now, by integrating Oct8ne into its website, it has achieved that the lead conversion ratio reaches 32.6% ”.

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