The coviewer

If you are tired of not understanding your clients, our coviewer breaks the visual barrier: you can share images and videos in real time. You will always know what products you are talking about.

Create a seamless shopping experience with our unique visual customer service technology

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Share products in real-time

Oct8ne’s coviewer is an interactive space that agent and customer share within the chat window in order to view images and videos of the products in your catalog. This space allows you to zoom or draw on the image simultaneously, allowing agents to offer more efficient assistance to users and consequently increase the chances of closing the sale.

Offer the perfect shopping experience

Stand up from the competition and make your e-commerce different with a visual and interactive live chat. Customers can search, consult, chat, compare products, create an account in your online shop, and add items to their wishlist and cart without ever having to leave the chat window. This way agents can recommend products as in a physical store, guiding the customer throughout the purchase process, from product search to check out.

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Customers can upload images

If your customers are looking for an accessory that matches a dress or need a spare part, it will no longer be necessary to handle the conversation via email, the user can just send a picture from a mobile device so that the agent can see exactly what it needs.

Up-selling y Cross-selling

Increase the chances of implementing cross-selling techniques or selling higher range products thanks to the real-time interactivity tools that Oct8ne offers. At any time you can suggest complementary or higher categories products based on the needs of each customer, thanks to the information you get through the navigation history of products viewed.

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What about privacy?

Customers won’t have to worry about the invasion of privacy. An agent cannot see or control anything outside the Oct8ne coviewer.

Integrating Oct8ne is very easy

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