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Oct8ne vs. Intercom

Take a look at the benefits of Oct8ne vs. Intercom and see why choosing Oct8ne will increase sales and conversions. Implement visual customer service and start offering your users an ultra-personalized experience. Oct8ne is the only Live Chat and Chatbot with integrated catalog and visual support on the market.

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Why choose Oct8ne?

With Oct8ne you can integrate your product or service catalog and automate sales. Install our chat and make the most of all our features: show items through the coviewer, view the history of products seen by the customer or recommend products with the chatbot. Increase conversion by up to 30% with chat focused on improving customer service and increasing sales.

Oct8ne goes beyond just a customer service tool

In addition to solving 99% of frequently asked questions with the chatbot, our clients have created powerful Live Chat and chatbots, with the help of Oct8ne, to provide assistance at the right time and increase sales. We at Oct8ne focus on customer service, but we take it a step further and make sure your customers are 100% satisfied throughout the entire purchase process, including after-sales.

Compare the features of Oct8ne with those of Intercom




Video Call

GPT Integration


Chatbot Product Recomender

Personalized Forms


Drag & Drop configuration

Messaging Integration

Catalog integration


Chatbot customization

Multilingual service

Compare the features of Oct8ne with those of Intercom

Intercom vs. Oct8ne En

Source: Intercom Pricing (Last checked Oct 8th 2023)

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