Offer your services in an innovative way

Selling services is more difficult than selling products. Use Oct8ne’s chatbot to offer 24/7 detailed information to your potential customers and refer more complex queries to your human agents via live chat.

Without credit cards.

Financial Servicies Chatbot

Their customer service is visual:

Inform and sell your services through the chat

Customers may feel lost among the services you offer. Guide them to the solution that best suits their needs in an agile and efficient way by making sales.

Provide quotes

Configure your chatbot so that your customers can quickly calculate the service quote.

Integrated video call

Connect with your potential customers with a video call. Assist your customers in the most personalized possible way while showing images and videos through the Oct8ne viewer.

Create forms

Set up custom forms in your chatbot to capture leads when agents are not available.

Videocall Elearning Oct8ne
Chatbot no-code Oct8ne

An intuitive Drag & Drop configuration

Forget about code-intensive solutions and create a flow for your chatbot in minutes. Our technical team will be with you every step of the way to make sure your chat offers the best possible help to your customers or users.

Set up your chatbot and become our next success story!

Integrating Oct8ne is very easy

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