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Visual customer service allows you to increase the conversion of your website, take a look at the experience of these businesses.

Electrodomésticos Miró

Electrodomésticos Miró began working with us a while ago. This specialized e-commerce has a large catalog of products since, in addition to large and small household appliances, it has expanded its market niche to other sectors such as technology, computers, photography and telephony. We spoke with Francesc Barrio, CCO of Somos Sinapsis, the agency that manages e-commerce, to find out what made them take the leap to personalized assistance and how, thanks to that, they have become a great success story.

Personal contact, something fundamental in a physical store, generally works as self-service in the online world. “From a business point of view, e-commerce misses a lot of sales opportunities by leaving everything in the customer’s hands, like web design and the marketing strategy and ignoring the potential of the human and immediate factor.”

“At Electrodomésticos Miró, we’ve noticed that customers always appreciate having an expert to answer their questions, no matter how used to shopping online they are. It’s always good to help them with the process in addition to solving their doubts and listening to their complaints”.

Oct8ne increases sales at Electrodomésticos Miró up to 30%

The challenge

«Oct8ne was the solution we were looking for to develop our concept of humanizing e-commerce and complementing our relationship marketing strategy»

More success stories

IATI Seguros

IATI is an insurance brokerage that was born in 1885. When the company began its digital transformation process, it was clear that it did not want to lose the essence of its traditional business: “We are a company with a soul.” For this reason, it differentiates itself from the competition by continuously investing in its personnel and in new technologies.


Textura is a great benchmark in home decoration. Since 1979, every home lover has brought the harmony of this brand to their home. Its products, which opt for simplicity, make up a vast catalog, meaning advice is something very personal for the brand: «Behind every recommendation there is a team of people who know our catalog».


The specialized e-commerce Miró has a large catalog of products since, in addition to large and small electrical appliances, it expands its market niche to other sectors such as technology, computing, photography or telephony.

Farmacia di Fiducia

This Italian pharmacy has become our first international success story. Farmacia di Fiducia was born in 1938 and, since then, it has always focused on providing excellent customer service to differentiate itself in the market.


Luxenter is a company that has been in the jewelry sector for more than 40 years and, since 2012, it has also made its way into the online world to sell its collections and creative designs with which it is constantly looking for trends. By using our livechat, they have improved the buying momentum by showing their products to customers. This has allowed them to increase their conversion to 18%.



Miroytengo is a specialized home furniture store with a large stock of low-priced merchandise with good value for money. Proud of its Trustpilot review score, the company has clear objectives: to provide personalized customer service on very affordable products with lightning-fast shipping in one to three days.


From the workshop, to the dealer and online sales. Grup T automoció has been working in the motor sector for more than 55 years, repairing and selling new and used vehicles. Now, by integrating Oct8ne into its website, it has achieved that the lead conversion ratio reaches 32.6% ”.

novatos trading club

Novatos Trading Club

Who hasn’t heard of cryptocurrencies by now? The Professional School of Traders is forming a great community and serves its future students through our chatbot. The most curious thing is that he has turned it into a financial calculator. Very interesting!

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